Collection of ideas
4x varied LSDj set
an emulated combo of 4 different LSDj versions, one vintage, one newest, one softOverclocked, one hardDownclocked, all playing some liveset and/or at least 1 song all at once. looking for ways to conveniently emulate such unique combination!
GBA native tracker
I believe the "Protracker+LSDj" style GBA tracker would seriously shake up the Chiptune scene thanks to incredible portability of the console, but also the untamed sound making possibilities - The only limit is the CPU, and how many tracks and quality you want is up to you. Maybe one day...
PSX Music 2000 upgrade
MTV Music Maker / Music 2000 is solid sample based DAW/software working perfectly on Playstation 1, but could be vastly improved: it has many troublesome bugs (saving problems, memory leaks) that need fixing, plus I see possibilities for way to swap internal samples!
More joypad based software
LSDj, LGPT, M8tracker, Music™ on PS1, all use joypad based controls, enabling user to create music as little as D-pad + 4 buttons to scroll through the software, adjust values and place notes. Such way of music making works on touchscreens, keyboards and gamepads, and more software should support joypad controls!
NES music tools upgrade
If one wishes to make music on NES natively, there is NTRQ, Pulsar, PR8 and couple more - some of those are open source and in dire need of bug fixing, and need improvement to compete with desktop equivalent, Famitracker! Also, a software that uses expansion chips would be amazing, as emulaiton allows it well!
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